Personality Knowledgebase 5.04

The Personality Knowledge-base#

This Knowledge-base powered by Wiki is for the benefit of our customers and employees. This is a location where we can update and share information and documentation on the use of Personality.

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Personality Modules#

Foundation Secondary Self Service Conceptual Material
Administration (AM) Labor Relations (LR) Employee (ESS) User Interface
Common Codes (CM) Safety & Health (SH) Manager (MSS) Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD)
Human Resources (HR) Training & Development (TD) Recruiting (RSS) Functions
Conversion Recruiting (RE) Time Management (TMSS) Tables and Views
Forecasting & Costing (FC) Benefits (BSS) Interfacing Documentation
Core Modules Time Scheduling (TS) Self Service Administration Security
Attendance (AT) Pension Management (RX) Mobile Approvals
Benefits (BE) Miscellaneous Interfaces
Payroll (PR) Other Modules User Calcs Symmetry
Salary Admin (SA) Generic Interface Time Rules
Workflow (WF) Contract Processing Government Reporting 5.05 Material
State Retirement ReportingTaxation 5.05 User Documents