Cost Effective

High Line is Cost Effective – from the original purchase to ongoing costs.

Clients can take advantage of Hosted/SaaS options that reduce and eliminate infrastructure costs. Plus – High Line takes care of upgrades!

Optional on-premise solutions are also cost effective. If your organization prefers to administer the system, you’ll be fully supported by High Line.

Compared to the competition, you will be surprised by High Line’s quick return on investment (ROI) – due to the integrated nature of the product (you buy only 1 product, not 3 or 4!), and to our practical, efficient, proven implementations. Our ‘No Surprises’ approach leads to on-time, on budget projects.

High Line has been validated by Gartner as one of the lowest-cost systems on the market, with one of the highest levels of functionality. Your organization won’t have to compromise on functionality to have a system that works with your budget.