Efficient Tools for Management

High Line can help your organization:

  • Automate business processes
  • Improve efficiency
  • Streamline tasks
  • Control costs
  • Cut training times
  • Empower employees

Paper weighing your organization down? Complicated approvals too difficult for your current software to handle?

Automate Business Processes – Create your own business procedures, with pop-up messages, check-lists, and automated navigation.

Improve Efficiency – Personnel actions allow a smooth flow of information and changes – from request through multiple approval levels, to automated update.

Streamline Tasks – Workflow tasks are automated, and checklist-style to-do lists automate and streamline tasks.

Control Costs – Consider High Line’s Forecasting & Costing module, and its what-if scenarios, to help your organization track and control costs. Integrated position control is a standard feature, and performance management is integrated with bonuses and budgeting.

Cut training times – Self Service should be easy – and it is!

Empower Employees and Managers– Give employees, supervisors, managers, recruiters and candidates alike the ability to view and edit the system – with full control, full visibility and easy administrative oversight.