Los Alamos County

Los Alamos County provides municipal and county government services to the Los Alamos community, including fire protection of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), and 4-service public utilities. The County purchased High Line for its comprehensive human resources and payroll functionality, and its ability to handle complexity and change. Our payroll requirements include public safety FLSA (8-day and 24-day cycles), and the need to integrate with job costing and work order sub-systems in addition to standard financials.

Through High Line, we have been able to accommodate state legislative changes, a new union, multiple collective bargaining contracts, new compensation and benefit plans, a substantial internal reorganization, the addition of a new transit program, the transfer of personnel from two other agencies, an ever-increasing volume of public information requests, and maintenance of human resources and payroll services through a mandatory community evacuation during the 2010 Las Conchas fire disaster.

Today, local government is constantly challenged to do more with less, to reduce costs and use resources more efficiently, to improve and streamline processes, at the same time becoming more green and more transparent, while maintaining an engaged and productive workforce. High Line is supporting our mission to accomplish these objectives in an incremental manner by growing and evolving along with our organizational needs. It’s a great software choice when what matters most is what lies under the hood, because it delivers reliable and flexible functionality in a cost-effective and modular manner.

– Pippa Freyer, HRIS Manager, Los Alamos County

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