Our Approach

The flexibility to provide the functionality you need

High Line’s ‘out of the box’ solutions are comprehensive, highly functional, and flexible.

High Line’s systems are specifically designed to address even the most complex requirements. That’s why our systems are employed by the public, private, and non-profit sectors across every market niche and industry including government, education, manufacturing, health care, services, and research.

In fact, one of High Line’s biggest competitive advantages is our ability to fine-tune our solutions to match your unique requirements, whether your organization needs a single, focused solution or a combination of features integrated with other 3rd party applications.



One System

High Line’s suite of products offers a powerful, intuitive interface to manage each aspect of your organization's business processes.

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Modular Design

High Line's solutions have been designed to grow with your organization.  Select the functions you need now, and add on as required, on your schedule.

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High Line is designed to be tailored to each client’s requirements, with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

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Leading, not Bleeding Edge

High Line takes advantage of new technologies, while protecting client data and ensuring problem-free maintenance.

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Efficient Tools for Management

Let High Line help your organization improve efficiency and engage Management!

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Cost Effective

High Line is cost-effective. Reducing systems reduces costs!

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On-Premise or Hosted/SaaS

High Line provides the same system to our on-premise clients as we provide to our cloud-based hosted/SaaS clients. The choice is yours, and can be changed over time to meet your needs.

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Integrated Business Intelligence

End User reporting is a snap with High Line. Integrated reporting and business intelligence are part of the package, or you can use your existing tools.

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  • Oracle
  • Logi
  • PeopleFluent
  • Symmetry
  • MindSHIFT
  • Q9 Networks
  • HP
  • Sunguard
  • Auditworx
  • Sovren