High Line’s extensive customer base includes Private and Public Sector organizations that use the flexibility of our products to integrate all facets of human resources, applicant tracking, time & attendance and payroll.

High Line’s suite is applicable to industries as diverse as municipal and county governments, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and natural resources. We offer customized solutions to unique sets of work and time rules including 9/80 work rules and 24 hour rotating schedules. We handle centralized as well as decentralized payrolls. FLSA rules are easily accommodated as are multiple attendance polices and benefits plans including multiple methods of calculating FMLA.

Public Sector / Local Government

City and County Governments have unique issues with union agreements, premium pay, 9/80 work rules as well as FLSA and scheduling for police, fire, sheriff and corrections departments on rotating schedules. All of these complex requirements can be seamlessly met with High Line’s integrated solutions.

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Educational Institutions

High Line offers an integrated solution to handle Educational Institution requirements for School Districts, Colleges & Universities.

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Manufacturing companies of all types can be accommodated using unique sets of time rules to handle different types of pay rules. Multiple unions can be handled with different pay scales and the ability to report different projects employees worked on during a pay period. All types of schedules from rotating shifts to seven days on seven days off, and multiple types of premiums and overtime calculations, are supported (as well as FLSA rules). Multiple benefits plans and multiple attendance polices are supported including multiple types of FMLA.

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Health Care

Medical Clinics and Hospitals have unique requirements related to scheduling, premiums, overtime and FLSA pay. High Line’s Time & Attendance and Payroll features work together with the Human Resources module, providing an integrated solution.

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The Transportation industry offers challenges due to scheduling, premiums and FLSA, that can seamlessly be handled through our Time Scheduling features. All types of schedules can be accommodated as well as multiple attendance policies and benefits plans.

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Non-profit / NGO

Not for profits and Non-governmental organizations present unique situations of paid and non-paid employees. High Line easily handles multiple employment and assignment data, as well as handling fund accounting using balance to complete logic.

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Other Private Sector Industries

Service companies, Retail, Wholesale, Natural Resources and other industries also rely on High Line software. Functional solutions for Private Industries meet their specific needs related to scheduling, part time employees, and benefits and attendance policies relating to only part of a work force. Each of these requirements can be solved with High Line’s integrated software solution.

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