Other Private Sector Industries

High Line offers an integrated solution to handle Private Sector requirements such as Oil and Gas, Research Institutes, as well as Retail and Wholesale operations. Our software handles complex time rules from simple overtime calculations to 9/80 time rules, meal penalty and premiums, shift differential paid over midnight and multiple premiums layered onto the same hours. All time can be calculated based on FLSA pay rules for any FLSA period.

Unique schedules can be created for any time frame including 7 days on and 7 days off, split schedules and unique 365 day schedules. Employees can be placed into Scales and automatically stepped based on your unique rules. Commissions can be calculated and paid out to employees properly. Bonus pay can be calculated for a prior period and FLSA will be recalculated on the time for that specific period.

Labor reporting can be done prior to completing the payroll process. Multiple cost center splits can be placed on an employees’ record to done through payroll. Fund accounting and fund balance to complete can be handled for employees based on any time frame.

Security allows centralized or decentralized payrolls to be handled with a proper separation of duties maintained. Multiple payrolls and entities are supported utilizing a central set of pay codes and time rules.

Reporting can be handled for New Hires, EEO1 and OSHA reports. Interfaces to and from High Line can be created by the user using the Generic Service Bureau Interface.

High Line can handle the complex rules around comp time, banked overtime and other attendance policies including loading time into two banks based on one time entry. Multiple FMLA rules can be selected from the standard 12 month to a rolling 12 month look back.

Complex benefit plans can be created with consideration for imputed income calculations as well as domestic partner benefits.

Work flow can be used for notifications throughout the integrated system, from HR to Payroll to Attendance and Benefits, including Self Service.