Forecasting & Costing


Forecasting & Costing was created in partnership with High Line’s clients to provide organizations with the tools needed to prepare detailed financial plans for their personnel costs and monitor actual figures against these plans.  These same tools support “what-if” calculations that are valuable during labor negotiations.

Key Features

Budget Environment

  • Automatically creates “base” budgets from information held within the personnel data structures
  • Creates budget structures according to user specified scope, level, time frame and budget calendar
  • Scope – budgets may for selected parts of the organization up to the whole organization
  • Level – budgets may created based on your specific organizational units
  • Generates budgets based on Human Resources integration: budgeted FTE’s, wages, vacancies, etc.

Budgeting Process

  • Provides a powerful tool for entering “What if” scenarios and assumptions
  • Calculates detailed budget figures by using existing payroll calculation rules, encompassing “real” and “what if” as required by the User

Financial Analysis

  • Automatically pulls actual figures from the journalized results of pays
  • Supports drill downs from summary data to details
  • Define and save your own viewpoints and cost accounts for analysis