Leave Administration


High Line handles virtually unlimited leave plans/types – including your most complicated plans.

Key Features

Leave Policies

  • Supports an unlimited number of leave bank policies including Vacation, Sick, Compensatory Leaves, FMLA, etc.
  • Multiple FMLA options available – including ‘Look back 365’
  • All rules are user definable
  • Policy rules may vary for different groups of employees
  • Leave policy schedules determine which policies apply to an employee

Leave Accruals

  • Calculates all accruals – time and earnings
  • Supports complicated service schedules
  • Applies caps appropriately
  • Automates leave bank payouts on termination
  • Produces employee leave bank statements

Attendance Records

  • Tracks, reports and analyzes leaves of absence
  • Records planned and actual absentee time and costs
  • Interfaces with payroll to automatically reflect planned absences on timesheets
  • Maintains detailed and summary attendance history by type code, policy code and period
  • Obtains absentee data from manual input, payroll and special update processes
  • Provides analysis of absentee time by employee, area and reason
  • Enables users to manage all forms of time banks with appropriate entitlements, pay-outs and rollovers
  • Prepares employee vacation schedules