High Line Payroll handles even the most extreme Payroll requirements without customization. Includes all types of employees and retirees, and all types of pay frequencies and pay rules.

Key Features

  • Simple, repeatable payroll cycle processes
  • No limitation on history that can be maintained
  • No limitation on number of rules and accumulators that can be defined
  • Supports both Canadian and U.S. legislative requirements and employees in a single database
  • FLSA calculations fully automated for unique periods
  • Robust pay-by-exception automation features
  • Exception entry validated at the point of entry
  • Guaranteed integration with all major financial applications
  • Automated fringe benefit and labor costing calculations
  • Supports Fund / Grant / Project Accounting
  • Integration with accounts payable including options for interfaces and/or vendor ACH/direct deposit
  • Month-end accruals based on actual or estimated amounts
  • With Self Service: Employee access to payment history and W2 or T4 forms
  • Fully integrated, yet modular