Safety & Health


High Line’s integrated Safety & Health features will reduce paper and eliminate those side Excel spreadsheets and 3rd-party bolt-on systems!

Key Features

Safety Programs

  • Record safety equipment and inspection schedules by location
  • Maintain records of work location hazards and job hazards
  • Integrated with Labor Relations to record disciplinary actions taken against individuals who violate the safety and health rules
  • Integrated with Training and Development to administer safety training programs

Incidents, Injuries and Illness

  • Track, report and analyze safety and health related incidents and safety violations
  • Includes details of vehicles and passengers involved in incidents
  • Track employee work-related health issues (injuries and illness) with/without incidents
  • Track return to work and restricted duties details; tracks time lost to incidents
  • Track costs related to incidents, injuries, medical exams, tests
  • Manage and controls Workers Compensation and Insurance Claims
  • Produce OSHA reporting

Personal Health

  • Track employee personal health profiles, doctor information and emergency contacts
  • Schedule medical exams for both employees and candidates
  • Track medical exams taken – pre-employment, incident related, annual physicals, etc.
  • Record medical exam results including tests taken, medications prescribed and inoculations received