Teachers’ Contracts


High Line has partnered with our K-12 and School District clients to create a unique, intuitive Contracts Management feature.  Specific to teachers, it provides Human Resources staff with immediate feedback and details regarding multiple contracts.

Key Features

  • Provides the ability to define and manage employee contracts, with payments over different timeframes than the actual contract period
  • Multiple contract rules: 9-month contracts paid over 12 months, ‘n’ contract payments, etc.
  • 365-day Calendars of worked/paid days can be standard or unique for each Teacher or type of resource
  • Automatically calculates contract days and contract daily rates
  • Employees can have a single contract, or multiple, with multiple assignments/Employee (and potentially multiple rates of pay)
  • Contracts can be automatically renewed in mass or individually, and each contract can be individually maintained – directly from the Human Resources screens