Time Scheduling


While other products offer ‘bolt-on’ or partnered Time Scheduling / Workforce Management, High Line offers a fully integrated solution built by us – no interfaces, and all modules work together seamlessly.

Key Features

Shift Schedules

  • Maintains shift definitions including starting/ending times, breaks, lunch periods
  • Establishes repeating and non-repeating shift patterns for schedules

Scheduling Time

  • Maintains standard and customized schedules by work areas and employee
  • Generates daily, weekly and future schedules automatically and allows for manual overrides
  • Weekly time schedules can be printed and posted for employees
  • Empty time slots can be filled manually or automatically
  • Work restrictions can be stated to avoid scheduling employees in posts that they are not willing to work

Filling Vacant Posts

  • Vacant posts can be easily identified
  • View qualified people categorized by user defined criteria
  • Calls are recorded with accept or decline status
  • Ranks employees for replacement in positions that become open (maintains lines of progression)
  • Finds replacements from available personnel or reserve pool

Integrated with Payroll

  • Time Rules apply time and payroll policies against clock time in/outs, late, early, OT, etc.