Empower employees and managers, cut down on paper, and automate your timekeeping!

Key Features


  • Allows employees to enter leave requests, validating against leave banks, based on policy rules
  • Allows employees to view their attendance records and see their current leave balances
  • Allows employees to enter and confirm their timesheet information, applying the appropriate rules at the point of entry
  • Allows employees to view recent timesheets / pay information
  • Allows managers to review leave schedules for all of their direct reports
  • Allows managers to review and approve leave requests
  • Allows managers to review and approve timesheets

Time Rules

  • Utilize High Line’s library of configurable Rules to handle overtime, weekend, call-in, holiday, etc
  • Combined with Self Service timesheets, provides immediate feedback to Employees, Supervisors and Managers – at time of entry