Implementations & Consulting


High Line provides comprehensive consulting services for our clients.  Whether you are implementing the product for the first time, or you are re-training your staff, High Line can help.

Services that our consulting group provides include:


  • With our structured implementation methodologies, High Line clients have an impressive record of completing their projects on time and within budget
  • Custom implementation plans come standard with High Line’s solutions. This gives our clients the implementation services required to complement their teams and ensure their success.
  • High Line has consultants with experience specific to your industry who are available to identify best-practice solutions for your unique requirements


  • Project planning
  • Project management assistance
  • Training client administrators or super-users
  • Assisting with set up of product features
  • Assisting in the creation of documentation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Assisting in the set up of testing and training plans
  • Creating interfaces and other customizations